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Grasse River Rail Trail

Sally and Ed Holden in
honor of Jack Holden
James and Virginia Myers
David Healy
Grace and Ben Ross
Marsha Smith
Ann Ross
Mark HallLeslie and Dana Hall
Mark and Arlene Davis
Paul Flynn
Jake Kastner
Bill Gleason and Ron Capone
Tim and Chris Nargi
Roger and Anita Backus
Hugh Level
Peter and Dorothy Bragdon
Susan, Andy and Harris Smith
Logan Patnode
Stacia Mattson
Allen and Marilyn Splete
Bev and Charles McKeown
Alix Ross and Ted Kastner
James Owen and Karen Vavra
Earl and Sharon Hayes
Becky VandeWater
Dan and Susan Heneka
Clint and Patty Farnsworth
Fred and Pat Guevara
Ross and Mary Conyers
Ed and Pauline VanEpps
Anna Kastner and Dennis
Tom Leslie Burkard
Dick and Judy Werely
Ernie and Penny Giraud
Pat and Hans Petersen
Chris and Randy Burkard
Chris and Maureen Randolph
Leslie Ann and Jim King
Neil and Holly Woodworth
Corky and Sy Halberg
Nick and Joyce Hunter
Jeanette and Paul Kiser
Tom and Margaret Wilder
Bob and Evelyn Meredith
William Aman
William Greene and Wendy
Jim and Polly Redd
Joe Gerdy
Friends of Clifton Community Library
Cranberry Lake Volunteer Fire Department
Clifton Fine Community Fund
Glenn and Carol Pearsall Adirondack Foundation
Community Improvement Program of the Cranberry Lake Boat Club